25 November 2020

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– Spokane Child Development Center –

The Spokane Area’s Premier Daycare & Childcare Center!

Spokane Child Development Center, LLC is a Washington State licensed childcare center open to the public. It is a Washington State Limited Liability Company. We accept both private and state paid children of families who need our services between the ages of one year and twelve years of age.

Our Center’s services are made available to all persons otherwise eligible without regard to race, color, religion, national origin or ancestry, sex, or age.

Parents are welcomed visitors in the Center at all times and are encouraged to eat lunch with their child, observe, or volunteer to help in the classroom!

Spokane Child Development Center has been awarded a
**** Level 4 ****

from the Washington State Department of Early Learning !!!

Our Child Care Philosophy and Mission Statement

We believe that the home environment is the primary source of growth, formation, and education of its members. The Center is an extension of, as well as a resource for this primary unit, the family.

It is the mission of Spokane Child Development Center in Spokane Valley to provide an environment geared to nurture and develop the growth and learning initiated in the family experience. Our childcare center’s philosophy, the environment and the developmental program are built around the following goals for children in our care:

  • Develop a sense of self worth through understanding him/herself, and trusting in his/her abilities to make choices and decisions.
  • Become capable of new and creative ideas through critical thinking that can verify and validate information for him/herself.

    Children Eating Snacks in Daycare

    Spokane Child Development Center provides a nurturing environment!

  • Develop a sense of happiness about growing and learning through a fun and exciting, non-stressful educational experience.
  • Become aware of a variety of his/her gifts and abilities through building confidence in his/her physical, perceptual, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and social strengths and skills.
  • To grow in ones’ ability to be sensitive and supportive of each other, and able to communicate feelings through interacting with both children and adults.

Spokane Child Development Center Curriculum

Kids Washing Hands in Child Care

Routine tasks further your child’s learning, self-help, and social skills!

The curriculum at Spokane Child Development Center encourages children to be actively involved in the learning process to experience a variety of developmentally appropriate activities and materials, and to pursue their own interests.

Staff plan realistic curriculum goals and objectives for children based on individual assessments of development, needs and interests of each child. Staff review program and classroom curriculum annually.

Routine tasks are incorporated into the childcare program in Spokane Valley as a means of furthering children’s learning self-help, and social skill. Routines such as diapering, toileting, eating, dressing, and sleeping are handled in a relaxed, reassuring and individualized manner based on developmental needs.

Spokane Child Development Center staff plan with parents to make toileting, feeding and development of their independent skills a positive experience for children.

Our daily schedule is planned to provide a balance of activities in the following dimensions
  • Indoor/outdoor
  • Quiet/active
  • Individual/small group/large group
  • Large muscle/small muscle
  • Child initiated/staff initiated

For more information, please call us at (509) 924-2850,
stop by 3120 N Industrial Park 1st St, Spokane Valley, WA 99216
or Contact Us online.