10 August 2020

Family News Letter

Welcome 2018-19 School Year!

We are happy to welcome so many new and returning families. We take pride in providing quality preschool for our children and their families.

The first few weeks of school are full of changes and transitions for your little ones. We work hard to make those changes easy and fun. If you ever have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to share them with us.

We have two toddler classrooms, The Voyagers (young toddlers) and the Explorers (older toddlers). We have three preschool classrooms, the Challengers, the Pathfinders and the Eagles. We also have a school-age classroom, The All-Stars.

Please help us teach our children to wash their hands immediately upon entering the classroom. This helps establish a regular hand washing routine that we follow throughout the day.

Also, please remember that as the weather gets cooler, children will need jackets and then later heavy coats. We spend at least one hour per class time outdoors and we want our kids to be comfortable.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. We are happy to serve you and your family.

Family Education:

Conscious Discipline: Building Resilient Classrooms is the program we are using in our classrooms. The goal of Conscious Discipline is to teach children (and adults) to discipline themselves. It is a research-based program that helps adults stay calm enough to see misbehavior and upset as a signal to teach instead of punish. It is built on safety, connection and problem solving.

Our primary job as adults is to remain calm or regain our sense of calm. A child cannot calm down in the face of an adult who is yelling or otherwise distressed. Taking three deep belly breaths is essential to calming our selves and our children.

You will hear your children talk about being a S.T.A.R. S.T.A.R. means Stop, Take a deep breath, And Relax. Over the next few months they will also learn the Balloon, The Drain and the Pretzel. But more importantly, they will learn that deep breathing can calm down their emotional upset and put them in their problem solving brains.

We encourage you to use Conscious Discipline strategies at home. You can join us on the 2nd Wednesday morning of each month at 8:30 to discuss Conscious Discipline strategies and other parent ideas. We will also be offering a series of classes in January.

I am in charge of how I feel today and I choose


September 22-23: ValleyFest at Mirabeau Park. Booths, entertainment, and loads of kids activities!

September 27: (Thursday) Back To School Night at SCDC, 6:15-7:15 pm. Come visit your child’s classroom & get to know the teachers!

September 28: SCDC CLOSED

October 10: Coffee and Donuts/Parent Meeting, 8:30 am. Help us make plans for upcoming center activities, parent education and parent’s nights.

SCDC Activities:
Winter Celebration-Potluck (December 13th at 6:15)
Art Show (February 19th)
School Picnic (May 30th)


Miss Danielle has been at SCDC nearly her whole life. She started as a toddler and worked her way up to a teacher.  She has a degree from WSU in Speech & Hearing Sciences and is applying for a Master’s program this spring. She enjoys reading and watching baseball and football games.

Mr. Mitch started with us two weeks ago. He is from Oregon and recently came from Utah where he worked with kids ages 3-17 with autism. He is working on a degree in psychology. In his free time, he hangs out with his dog, a labra-doodle named Flash.

Miss Lauren and Miss Sherrie will be in the classroom most mornings. They spend the remainder of the day as the Eagle classroom teachers.

It’s useful to ask yourself:
Is it my goal to control my child or teach her to control herself?


Welcome to our CHALLENGERS school family. Some of you have been around and some of you are new to our center. We follow the Conscious Discipline model in building a resilient classroom. You will often hear us talking about our school family and how we keep our school family safe. Conscious Discipline focuses on forming relationships and building a sense of community so that every child feels valued. We help our children create social trust and work together to form healthy relationships.

We begin this school year with an “TREE” study. With this study, we will learn about counting, sorting, sizes and shapes of trees. We will also read books and talk about what animals and bugs live in trees, what trees are used for and how trees grow. You can help by having your child bring in leaves, pinecones or acorns from trees around your home.

Please help us build on our school family theme by providing pictures of your family to hang on our family tree. You can either bring printed pictures or email them to [email protected].

When you drop off your child, help them put their backpacks in their cubbies and then walk with them to the sink to wash their hands.

Remember that toys and items from home are not allowed in the classroom (other than a special soft item for nap time). We do have “Share Day” Friday. On this day, children are allowed to bring ONE item from home.

Elements of Connection:
* Eye Contact *Presence
*Touch *Playfulness