02 July 2020

Challengers – Preschool Program

A Fun And Exciting Preschool Classroom

Spokane Valley Preschool Program

The Spokane Valley Preschool Program keeps preschool learning activities fun, exciting, and developmentally appropriate and hands on through play.

The Challenger Room is our young preschool classroom. As children exit the toddler phase of their lives and begin to develop as preschoolers, our Challenger classroom is prepared to guide them through this journey. Because each child develops at a slightly different rate the teachers in this classroom are prepared to provide group activities but still foster each child individually. The classroom keeps preschool learning activities fun, exciting, and developmentally appropriate and hands on through play. Our Challenger preschool classroom is equipped with developmentally appropriate materials and equipment to enable the children to learn and grow.

Our Preschool Program Encourages Independence

The classroom is set up with interest centers, which include the following areas: art, dramatic play, blocks, fine-motor, library, listening center, sensory, writing, math, and science. Placement of equipment and materials is structured to encourage maximum independence for each child. Each center is designed to stimulate a child’s curiosity and contains activities to help the child practice new skills through play. The centers are set up to encourage language and social development.

The Challenger Preschool Teachers have lesson- planning time weekly and plan a theme-based curriculum that meets the needs, interests, and abilities of the group as well as each individual child.

You Child Will Learn A Variety Of Language Skills

Language skills are primarily strengthened through play in the interest centers as children talk with each other and with their teachers. A few short periods are set aside each day for group times. These experiences focus on listening and comprehension skills, and other pre-reading skills. Teachers introduce children to new library books at story times, which are scheduled throughout the day. Children are also encouraged to “write” or dictate both individual stories and group created stories relating to the theme. Children are also given the opportunity to journal on a regular basis.

Physical Development And Nutrition Are Part Of  The Preschool Program

To enhance children’s physical development, large motor muscle play is available both morning and afternoon on our large, fenced playground. Preschoolers also have many opportunities for music and movement in the classroom environment.

A nutritious breakfast, morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack are provided. Meals are served in a family style where the children and the staff sit together. Meal time also serves as a time for children to practice social and language skills through conversations with their peers and teachers. Children are also learning to be independent as they are encouraged to serve themselves and to clean up after themselves too.


5:30 –7:15          Arrival/ Choice Play

7:15 –7:30             Wash hands/ Breakfast Served

7:30 –9:00             Potty Time/ Choice Play/ or Outside Play

9:00 -9:30              Clean Up/ Wash Hands/ Transition to Snack

9:30–9:40              Transition/ Potty Time/ Get ready for outside

9:40-10:10             Outside

10:10-10:30            Circle Time (Literacy/ Calendar/Weather)

10:30-11:00            Project Time/ Choice Play

11:00-11:30            Clean Up /Potty Time/ Wash Hands/ Lunch

11:30 -12:00           Wash hands/ Transition to Cots/

12:00-2:00              Nap/ Quiet Activities

2:00-2:15               Transition from nap/ potty time/ table toys

2:15-2:45               Clean up / Wash hands/ Snack

2:45-4:00              Outside time/ includes planned outside activities

4:00-4:45               Potty time/ Wash hands/ Choice Play/ Afternoon Activity

4:45-5:15                Clean up/ wash hands/ Pathfinders come in/ Late snack

5:15-6:00                Choice Play


For more information, please call us at (509) 924-2850, stop by 3120 N Industrial Park 1st St, Spokane Valley, WA 99216 or Contact Us online.