27 April 2017


Spokane Child Development Center provides a variety of programs that are all focused on providing a well-rounded approach to education that focuses on individual development. Parents are important partners in the process and we would love to meet you and your little one/s. Read below for more information about our programs.

Hip Huggers – Infant Program

Kids in the Playing at Spokane Child Development Center

Spokane Child Development Center provides infant, toddler, preschool, pre-kindergarten and school age programs.

In our Hip Hugger Room, the goal of our staff is to nurture each individual infant with personal care. The Spokane Valley infant program teachers work on building a trusting relationship with each child, creating environments that support exploration, and ensuring the children’s health and safety.

For more information click the link: Hip Huggers – Infant Program

Explorers – Toddler Program

In our Explorer Toddler Room, our toddler teachers have a strong understanding of the growing toddler. Each day is spent fostering the growth of the individual child as they learn and grow together. Because toddlers are learning at such a fast past, the teachers keep their day moving by planning plenty of activities in all developmental areas and make them exciting, fun, and hands on.

For more information click the link: Explorers – Toddler Program

Challengers – Preschool Program

The Challenger Room is our young preschool classroom. As children exit the toddler phase of their lives and begin to develop as preschoolers, our Challenger classroom is prepared to guide them through this journey. Because each child develops at a slightly different rate the teachers in this classroom are prepared to provide group activities but still foster each child individually.

For more information click the link: Challenger – Preschool Program

Pathfinders – Pre-Kindergarten

The Pathfinder Room is our Pre-K Classroom at our Spokane Valley Child Care Center. The goal in our Pathfinder Classroom is to promote the healthy growth of each child as they continue to grow as a pre-kindergartner and begin to prepare for further education.

For more information click the link: Pathfinders – Pre-Kindergarten

All Stars – School Age Program

The All Stars School-Age Classroom is for children who are 5 years old and enrolled in Kindergarten up to 12 years old. With before and after school times available we help meet the needs of families who may need an extra hand before work or a safe and fun place for their child until they are done for the day.

For more information click the link: All Stars – School Age Program

For more information, please call us at (509) 924-2850,

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