25 November 2020

Parent Testimonials

Testimonials from parents can help you learn more about the center.  We are proud of the educational and nurturing childcare we provide, and pleased with the many positive letters and notes we receive. Here is just a sampling!

If you are already a Spokane Child Development Center parent, we would love to hear what you think of our center! Please go to our Contact Us page, and leave your thoughts, ideas, comments and suggestions.  Thank you!

Hello. My name is Héctor Quiroga. I am a local attorney here in Spokane, Washington. Me and my wife both practice law out of this office and when we are here or in court, we have our children at Spokane Child Development Center.

That is a great facility to help your family care for your children and if you live in Spokane or Spokane Valley. We highly recommend them. Our children sometimes are not very happy when we are going to pick them up because they have so much fun doing different activities. They love the staff there. They feel connected to them. It feels very much like that like a family as opposed of very sterile facility, we love like that.

There is nothing else I can say. That is a wonderful facility and I like you to check them out and check out. I do think they are perhaps the best in the area. Please contact them and check them out and I am sure that you are making a great choice for your child.

Spokane Child Development Center has been my family’s child care center since August 2008. When we came to SCDC, my older son had been in 3 day cares and with 5 nannies! He was less than 3 years old and I was a discouraged parent.

I was referred by a friend whose child had attended Spokane Child Development Center for several years and I was impressed by the educational curriculum offered. I was hopeful and moved my family into the area so that my children would be able to attend SCDC. My younger son, who has attended since infancy, was in need of services offered by Children FIRST. the opportunity to have my son’s therapy needs met while in child care was a blessing beyond belief.

My children have individual relationships with each of the staff members and the love friendships and activities that SCDC offers. I appreciate the positive social skills that my boys have learned at SCDC with encouragement from staff.

At the different stages of my sons’ development, SCDC has helped me troubleshoot positive approaches in best meeting my children’s needs. Vicki and the entire staff have always been willing to support my parenting strategies, share their experiences of my children, and help my children meet their goals.

Not only has Spokane Child Development Center offered a safe and educational environment for my children while I work, they have provided an external support system for our family.

The most important piece of choosing a care provider for my family has been knowing that my kids feel safe and can trust their teachers and environment. This has been absolutely and consistently fulfilled by the staff at SCDC.

I am so grateful to have found a child care center whose owner and staff places the same values on safety, trust, education, individualism, social and overall well being for my boys as I do.”

~Devin Commins
Mother of Nathan (6 yrs old) and Clayton (3 yrs old)

SCDC provides a loving and nurturing environment that promotes healthy social and physical development. Watching our daughter not only grow, but thrive in this environment has been truly amazing. It is obvious the teachers love what they do, which makes me all the more confident that she is in good hands. I value the structure of the center. I like knowing what my child is doing everyday. Knowing all the little details about what she had for lunch, what songs she sang, and what crafts she made, helps me feel like I was a part of her day. My daughter loves song-time/ circle time and the teachers. Everyday she runs through the list of teachers. “I can’t wait to see…..Sammi, Dina, Yvette.” I love that she gets excited to go to school.”

~Tara Dalton
Mother of Hailey (2 yrs old)

“The most important benefit of Spokane Child Development Center is the quality of care that my child receives. I feel like my child has learned a lot from the staff like how to be fair and care about other people. I also appreciate the curriculum. My child’s Kindergarten teacher said that she could tell that she was in a quality child care because she was more prepared. My daughter most appreciates the friendships that she has made at SCDC.”

~Angel Smith 
Mother of Izabella (5 yrs old)

“The most important benefit my family receives from Spokane Child Development Center is safety. I can trust that my child is in a nurturing, healthy environment while I have to work. Teachers are engaged and constantly interacting with children. I value the structure of the program. The children are always enjoying an educational activity. My child has fun. She is allowed to be independent and is always learning. She is proud to show me her achievements. She loves her teachers.”

~Ana Bertran
Mother of Brianna (2 yrs old)

“Spokane Child Development Center provides an exceptional integrated toddler program. The children in the toddler room are given the opportunity to participate in a sensory-motor educational curriculum while learning from highly skilled early interventionists.

~Carey Gibbons
MS Developmental Specialist

“I enjoy working with the staff at Spokane Child Development Center. I teach cooperatively with the staff in the toddler room. The staff is accommodating , flexible, and willing to work with the staff of Children FIRST. I enjoy coming to work everyday to be surrounded by such caring, positive people.

~Nichole Bergam
BA in Eduation Master in reading and minor in early childhood education

“I like that my son was able to get his speech therapy while attending Spokane Child Development Center. I also appreciate the loving staff. I value that my son is learning while getting great care. My son’s favorite part of the program is share day.”

~Tracy Watson
Mother of Keivon (5 yrs old)

” The most important benefit is hearing the reviews from my two daughters. They have always told me that they are treated fairly and with respect and that they like their teachers. I value the consistency and the quality of care that I see for all three of my children. I am Judah would say that he loves the people and the toys. He always arrives with a smile. My girls love the friendships they have developed with staff and peers and everyone being encouraged to be friends and treat each other with respect.”

~Summer Bauder
Mother of Salma (7 yrs old), Selah (5 yrs old), and Judah (7 months old)

“My grandson has a very challenging personality. The SCDC staff members have the best patience with him. Bryan is showing great strides in controlling his anger. I am so thankful for the staff’s willingness it work with him and with me to help help Bryan improve. They give him a lot of one-on -one time. I value everyone that works with him to be a better person. Thank you for all you do. Bryan loves Miss Amy. She tries to make each child feel special and loved. It is the ladies that you have that are willing to help each little person discover, create, play, feel secure and want to come everyday. Again, thank you for helping me.”

~Connie Frazier
Grandma of Bryan (4 yrs old)

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